Minifig number hp232
Harry Potter, Dark Red Shirt and Tie, Black Robe
Value $2.15
Growth 7.0%
Minifig number hp231
Ron Weasley, Dark Turquoise Polo Shirt
Value $2.18
Growth 8.5%
Minifig number hp230
Horace Slughorn, Dark Red Jacket Lapels
Value $3.85
Growth 27.9%
Annual growth 10.0%
Minifig number hp229
Draco Malfoy, Slytherin Sweater and Black Robe
Value $3.14
Growth 4.3%
Minifig number hp228
Neville Longbottom, White Shirt
Value $2.16
Growth 7.5%
Minifig number hp227
Luna Lovegood, Lavender Dress
Value $2.99
Growth 16.8%
Minifig number hp226
Value $2.82
Growth 11.9%
Minifig number hp225
Hermione Granger, Pink Dress, Legs
Value $2.93
Growth 16.3%
Minifig number hp219
Ginny Weasley, Sand Green Polo Shirt
Value $4.54
Growth 13.2%
Annual growth 3.4%
Minifig number hp218
Bellatrix Lestrange, Black Dress, Long
Value $11.48
Growth 100.0%
Annual growth 12.8%
Minifig number hp213
Harry Potter, Light Bluish Gray Hooded Sweatshirt
Value $1.55
Growth 18.3%
Annual growth 4.5%
Minifig number hp212
Molly Weasley, Medium Nougat Skirt
Value $5.27
Growth 13.8%
Annual growth 3.5%
Minifig number hp211
Arthur Weasley, Dark Tan Sweater
Value $5.44
Growth 34.0%
Annual growth 8.2%
Minifig number hp210
Value $6.16
Growth 4.1%
Annual growth 1.1%
Minifig number hp209
Fenrir Greyback, Black Hair
Value $5.16
Growth 18.6%
Annual growth 4.7%
Minifig number hp142
Ron Weasley, Dark Red Sweater, Black Legs
Value $2.49
Growth 23.9%
Annual growth 6.0%
Minifig number hp092
Bellatrix Lestrange, Printed Black Dress, Long Black Hair
Value $46.51
Growth 121.1%
Annual growth 6.0%
Minifig number hp091
Fenrir Greyback, Dark Brown Hair
Value $8.48
Growth 30.5%
Annual growth 2.0%
Minifig number hp090
Ginny Weasley, Light Bluish Gray Knitwear, Dark Red Legs with Pocket Pattern
Value $23.02
Growth 36.5%
Annual growth 2.3%
Minifig number hp089
Arthur Weasley, Sand Green Open Jacket, Light Bluish Gray Legs
Value $14.00
Growth 35.4%
Annual growth 2.3%
Minifig number hp088
Molly Weasley, Medium Nougat Legs
Value $19.62
Growth 12.2%
Annual growth 4.8%
Minifig number hp087
Harry Potter, dark blue open jacket with stripe, black legs
Value $4.00
Growth 60.0%
Annual growth 3.5%