The LEGO Ninjago Rebooted subtheme consists of 27 minifigs that were released from 2014 to 2016 and based 11 sets. On average, these minifigs have an annual growth rate of 7.0%.
Most valuable Ninjago Rebooted minifig
Overlord (njo107) $83.55
Most owned Ninjago Rebooted minifig
General Cryptor (njo092)
Set with the most Ninjago Rebooted minifigs
70728 Battle for Ninjago City 8 minifigs
The Rebooted subtheme features minifigures like Zane, Lloyd, and the Overlord. The storyline centers on the ninjas' battle against the Digital Overlord and his Nindroid army. Zane's heroic sacrifice and transformation into the Titanium Ninja are key moments as the team fights to protect New Ninjago City from technological threats.
Minifig number njo273
Cole from Rebooted theme wearing Stone Armor
Value $7.73
Growth  +54.9%
Annual growth 5.8%
Minifig number njo110
Dareth with printed legs
Value $6.48
Growth  +64.5%
Annual growth 5.2%
Minifig number njo109
Nindroid Warrior with head pattern only on the front
Value $4.99
Growth  +148.3%
Annual growth 9.6%
Minifig number njo107
Overlord Golden Master Rebooted
Value $83.55
Growth  +944.4%
Annual growth 10.7%
Minifig number njo106
Zane wearing Stone Warrior armor in the Rebooted theme
Value $12.61
Growth  +199.5%
Annual growth 12.0%
Minifig number njo105
Nya as Samurai X in her Rebooted version
Value $10.14
Growth  +194.8%
Annual growth 10.3%
Minifig number njo104
Value $10.12
Growth  +290.7%
Annual growth 6.5%
Minifig number njo103
Jay in Techno Robe from Rebooted theme with flat silver shoulder armor
Value $5.75
Growth  +108.3%
Annual growth 7.5%
Minifig number njo101
Nindroid Warrior with Black Legs
Value $5.31
Growth  +112.4%
Annual growth 7.7%
Minifig number njo100
Nindroid Warrior with a twin blade jet pack
Value $5.71
Growth  +28.3%
Annual growth 2.5%
Minifig number njo099
Zane wearing a Techno Robe in the Rebooted series
Value $11.25
Growth  +183.4%
Annual growth 4.1%
Minifig number njo098
Value $8.32
Growth  +118.4%
Annual growth 7.7%
Minifig number njo097
Value $7.31
Growth  +143.7%
Annual growth 8.7%
Minifig number njo096
Nindroid warrior with a neck bracket
Value $8.99
Growth  +200.7%
Annual growth 12.1%
Minifig number njo095
Evil Wu (Sensei Wu / Techno Wu) from the Rebooted series
Value $20.09
Growth  +300.2%
Annual growth 13.7%
Minifig number njo094
Rebooted Sensei Garamadon
Value $29.36
Growth  +330.5%
Annual growth 11.4%
Minifig number njo093
Value $2.97
Growth  +3.5%
Annual growth 3.6%
Minifig number njo092
Rebooted General Cryptor LEGO minifigure
Value $18.99
Growth  +170.5%
Annual growth 9.8%
Minifig number njo091
Kai in Techno Robe from Rebooted
Value $4.95
Growth  +3.8%
Annual growth 1.1%
Minifig number njo090
Cole in Techno Robe from Rebooted theme
Value $5.91
Growth  +138.3%
Annual growth 8.5%
Minifig number njo089
Value $6.17
Growth  +145.8%
Annual growth 8.8%
Minifig number njo088
Cyrus Borg / OverBorg from Rebooted theme
Value $9.07
Growth  +76.1%
Annual growth 5.5%
Minifig number njo087
Rebooted Lloyd in a techno robe with pearl gold shoulder armor
Value $9.09
Growth  +81.8%
Annual growth 5.8%
Minifig number njo086
Pixal (P.I.X.A.L) from Rebooted
Value $27.90
Growth  +299.1%
Annual growth 8.7%
Minifig number njo085
Zane from Rebooted theme, wearing a Techno Robe with battle damage
Value $12.02
Growth  +129.8%
Annual growth 8.1%
Minifig number njo084
Nindroid Drone with a neck bracket
Value $2.94
Growth  +0.7%
Annual growth 0.0%
Minifig number njo083
Value $6.00
Growth  +141.0%
Annual growth 8.6%