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This chart represents the current new/sealed value of the set StoryStarter Core Set since June 2013. Very high accuracy
LEGO 45100 StoryStarter Core Set was a 1,147 piece Education set released in 2013. The solution also includes a Curriculum Pack and StoryVisualizer software to introduce the 24 activities.

Today's value for a new/sealed StoryStarter Core Set is estimated around $355 with a average yearly gain of 9% and is expected to level off closer to 6% soon.

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(GR) 45100 Education StoryStarter Core Set
(US) Education: StoryStarter Core Set (45100) Brand New Factory Sealed
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(US) Education 45100 Story Starter Core Set New Sealed 6021883 1144 Pcs Age 6+

Sale Trends

This chart shows the sales trends (number sold) of new/sealed 45100 StoryStarter Core Set.

Sets in Education

Theme Education
Year 2013
Pieces / Minifigs 124 / 2
Availability Retired
45000 LEGO Education Creative Builder
Retail $64.95
Value $113.80
Growth 75.2%
Annual growth 6.4%
Theme Education
Year 2013
Pieces / Minifigs 104 / 6
Availability Retired
45001 LEGO Education Playground
Retail $69.99
Value $107.77
Growth 54.0%
Annual growth 6.0%
Theme Education
Year 2013
Pieces / Minifigs 98 / 6
Availability Retired
45002 LEGO Education Tech Machines Set
Retail $229.95
Value $229.94
Theme Education
Year 2013
Availability Retired
45003 LEGO Education Soft Starter Set
Retail $576.95
Value $675.18
Growth 17.0%
Annual growth 1.4%
Theme Education
Year 2013
Availability Retired
45080 LEGO Education Creative Cards
Retail $32.99
Value $35.62
Growth 8.0%
Annual growth 2.8%
StoryStarter is designed for elementary schools, grades 2-5, targeting the English Language Arts curriculum. The StoryStarter solution is designed to develop skills in speaking and listening, reading, language, writing, and areas of technology and digital learning.

StoryStarter is a unique, creative learning tool that provides narrative experiences for students and empowers them to create stories in a natural way. It enhances speaking, listening, reading, writing, and comprehension skills. The StoryStarter solution gets students involved right from the start, motivating them to use their imagination to develop and create narratives, characters, and storylines.

Storytelling and story-making, within a supportive structure, are powerful tools for improving literacy and encouraging students to confidently communicate stories, and tales and events from daily life. Sequencing events in a natural order promotes understanding and stimulates the imagination, encouraging creativity...
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