The LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Mighty Micros subtheme consists of 18 minifigs that were released from 2016 to 2018 and based 9 sets. On average, these minifigs have an annual growth rate of 3.9%.
Most valuable DC Comics Super Heroes Mighty Micros minifig
Bizarro (sh349) $8.77
Highest growth Mighty Micros minifig
Batman (sh356) +192.93%
Most owned DC Comics Super Heroes Mighty Micros minifig
Captain Cold (sh247)
Set with the most DC Comics Super Heroes Mighty Micros minifigs
76061 Mighty Micros Batman vs. Catwoman 2 minifigs
The minifigures in the DC Comics Super Heroes Mighty Micros theme are part of a sub-theme featuring miniature versions of popular DC Comics characters. Some key minifigure characters include Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and other superheroes and villains.
Minifig number sh493
Harley Quinn with short legs
Value $5.38
Growth  +12.3%
Annual growth 2.0%
Minifig number sh492
Short-legged Batman with a black torso
Value $6.17
Growth  +142.9%
Annual growth 10.7%
Minifig number sh484
Brainiac featuring short legs
Value $3.90
Growth  +4.0%
Annual growth 4.8%
Minifig number sh483
Supergirl minifigure with short legs
Value $5.40
Growth  +163.4%
Annual growth 15.5%
Minifig number sh482
The Joker with short legs
Value $4.50
Growth  +0.9%
Annual growth 4.4%
Minifig number sh481
Nightwing with short legs
Value $4.36
Growth  +4.1%
Annual growth 4.7%
Minifig number sh359
Doomsday with short legs
Value $4.50
Growth  +32.4%
Annual growth 3.8%
Minifig number sh358
Wonder Woman with short legs
Value $4.21
Growth  +121.6%
Annual growth 12.4%
Minifig number sh357
Killer Moth with short legs
Value $3.14
Growth  +6.8%
Annual growth 3.7%
Minifig number sh356
Batman with short legs, dark blue cape
Value $8.70
Growth  +192.9%
Annual growth 7.5%
Minifig number sh349
Bizarro with short legs
Value $8.77
Growth  +88.6%
Annual growth 8.8%
Minifig number sh348
Superman with short legs
Value $4.93
Growth  +35.8%
Annual growth 4.2%
Minifig number sh247
Captain Cold with short legs
Value $2.74
Growth  +7.0%
Annual growth 2.9%
Minifig number sh246
The Flash with short legs
Value $5.98
Growth  +149.2%
Annual growth 8.9%
Minifig number sh245
Bane with short legs
Value $3.34
Growth  +9.5%
Annual growth 1.1%
Minifig number sh244
Robin with short legs
Value $5.26
Growth  +38.1%
Annual growth 3.9%
Minifig number sh243
Catwoman with short legs
Value $3.75
Growth  +8.1%
Annual growth 2.0%
Minifig number sh242
Batman with short segs
Value $5.42
Growth  +95.0%
Annual growth 8.3%