Minifig number sh790
The Penguin
Value $5.06
Growth 2.8%
Minifig number sh789
Alfred Pennyworth, Black Vest, Light Bluish Gray Hair, Dark Bluish Gray Beard
Alfred Pennyworth
Value $5.11
Growth 14.3%
Annual growth 11.2%
Minifig number sh788
Selina Kyle
Value $3.21
Minifig number sh787
Lt. James Gordon, Black Hair, Black Suit, Dark Red Tie
Lt. James Gordon
Value $5.50
Growth 4.0%
Annual growth 3.1%
Minifig number sh786
Batman - Dark Bluish Gray Suit, Black Belt, Black Hands, Spongy Cape with 1 Hole, Black Boots
Value $3.75
Minifig number sh785
The Riddler
Value $6.88
Growth 15.6%
Annual growth 12.2%
Minifig number sh784
Bruce Wayne - Drifter
Bruce Wayne
Value $5.37
Growth 18.8%
Annual growth 14.7%