Minifig number sh792
The Joker - Green Vest and Printed Arms
The Joker
Value $29.39
Growth 439.3%
Minifig number sh791
Batman - Black Suit with Copper Belt and Printed Legs (Type 2 Cowl)
Value $24.69
Growth 50.8%
Minifig number sh781
Batman - Black Suit with Copper Belt, Spongy Cape
Value $9.89
Growth 88.4%
Minifig number sh780
Scarecrow, no Hat
Value $9.20
Growth 13.9%
Minifig number sh133
The Joker - Green Vest
The Joker
Value $96.61
Growth 1832.2%
Annual growth 23.8%
Minifig number sh132
Batman with black suit with copper belt
Value $70.05
Growth 600.5%
Annual growth 12.9%
Minifig number sh064
Batman with Dark Bluish Gray Suit with Copper Belt
Value $15.81
Growth 59.9%
Annual growth 4.9%
Minifig number sh063
Commissioner James Gordon
Value $12.97
Growth 108.2%
Annual growth 7.8%
Minifig number sh062
Bane with 1 light nougat hand
Value $23.77
Growth 372.6%
Annual growth 17.2%