Minifig number sh820
War Machine - Rifle and Stud Shooter
War Machine
Value $6.74
Growth 34.8%
Minifig number sh818
Captain America - Dark Blue Suit, Red Hands, Jet Pack
Captain America
Value $5.20
Growth 22.9%
Minifig number sh755
War Machine - Double Shooters
War Machine
Value $8.63
Growth 14.2%
Annual growth 8.0%
Minifig number sh741
Captain America - Dark Blue Suit, Red Hands
Captain America
Value $4.19
Minifig number sh692
Spider-Man - Iron Spider Suit
Value $6.51
Growth 21.2%
Minifig number sh649
Iron Man with Silver Hexagon on Chest and 1 x 1 Round Bricks
Iron Man
Value $4.18
Minifig number sh644
Loki - Spongy Cape
Value $6.58
Growth 52.0%
Annual growth 16.1%
Minifig number sh641
Captain Marvel with helmet
Captain Marvel
Value $5.10
Growth 5.2%
Annual growth 2.2%
Minifig number sh637
Black Widow with printed arms
Black Widow
Value $3.72
Minifig number sh623
Thor with spongy cape and pearl dark gray legs
Value $4.34
Minifig number sh612
Iron Man with Silver Hexagon on Chest
Iron Man
Value $3.57
Growth 4.4%
Annual growth 1.6%
Minifig number sh546
Spider-Man - Dark Red Web Pattern, Blue Legs
Value $2.55
Growth 33.5%
Annual growth 7.8%
Minifig number sh542
Venom - Red Mouth
Value $3.74