The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Seasonal subtheme, introduced in 2021, inlcudes 20 minifigs across 4 sets. On average, these minifigs have an annual growth rate of 4.0%.
Most valuable Marvel Super Heroes Seasonal minifig
Spider-Man (sh905) $5.07
Highest growth Seasonal minifig
Thor (sh756) +38.81%
Most owned Marvel Super Heroes Seasonal minifig
Black Widow (sh637)
Set with the most Marvel Super Heroes Seasonal minifigs
76196 The Avengers Advent Calendar 7 minifigs
The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes theme, active since 2012, features a wide array of minifigures based on characters from the Marvel Comics universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Key minifigures include iconic superheroes such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, and the Hulk, as well as notable villains like Thanos, Loki, and Green Goblin. These minifigures are highly detailed, often with unique molds, intricate printing, and specialized accessories that reflect their comic book and movie appearances. The theme spans numerous sets that recreate famous scenes and locations from Marvel comics and films.
Minifig number sh909
Doctor Strange with a brooch
Value $3.20
Growth  +7.4%
Minifig number sh908
Captain America with dark blue suit, dark red hands, and styled hair
Value $2.93
Growth  +14.0%
Minifig number sh907
Black Widow wearing a Christmas sweater
Value $3.60
Growth  +5.3%
Minifig number sh905
Spider-Man wearing a Christmas sweater
Value $5.07
Growth  +25.2%
Minifig number sh904
Iron Man in Mark 85 Armor with a large helmet visor
Value $4.04
Growth  +3.6%
Minifig number sh847
Okoye wearing a red top
Value $2.50
Growth  +6.8%
Minifig number sh837
Drax wearing a holiday sweater
Value $2.68
Growth  +12.6%
Annual growth 6.6%
Minifig number sh836
Groot with a teenage version, in dark tan, and equipped with a neck bracket
Value $3.57
Growth  +18.6%
Annual growth 9.7%
Minifig number sh835
Minifigure wearing a holiday sweater with a nebula pattern
Value $2.31
Growth  +14.9%
Annual growth 7.9%
Minifig number sh834
Star-Lord with dark red legs
Value $2.16
Growth  +7.5%
Annual growth 4.0%
Minifig number sh826
Wong wearing a dark red robe with dark blue legs
Value $1.86
Growth  +17.7%
Minifig number sh761
Thanos without helmet
Value $2.14
Growth  +4.9%
Annual growth 1.7%
Minifig number sh760
Tony Stark wearing a Christmas sweater
Value $4.98
Growth  +12.7%
Annual growth 4.2%
Minifig number sh758
Nick Fury wearing a dark bluish gray beanie
Value $3.18
Growth  +15.6%
Annual growth 5.2%
Minifig number sh757
Spider-Man wearing a bright light orange letter jacket
Value $4.57
Growth  +17.2%
Annual growth 5.7%
Minifig number sh756
Thor wearing a red scarf
Value $2.79
Growth  +38.8%
Annual growth 11.5%
Minifig number sh745
Mantis with a black belt with clasps
Value $3.18
Growth  +5.6%
Annual growth 1.8%
Minifig number sh742
Rocket Raccoon in a dark bluish-gray outfit
Value $3.21
Growth  +6.6%
Annual growth 2.1%
Minifig number sh639
Captain Marvel with bright light yellow hair
Value $3.49
Growth  +15.9%
Annual growth 3.7%
Minifig number sh637
Black Widow with printed arms
Value $3.77
Growth  +25.2%
Annual growth 5.6%