Minifig number sh775
Vulture - Reddish Brown Bomber Jacket and Aviator Oxygen Mask
Value $5.90
Growth 9.1%
Minifig number sh774
Spider-Man - Black and Gold Suit
Value $6.99
Minifig number sh422
Masked Robber - Blue Mask, Red Shirt
Masked Robber
Value $4.00
Growth 89.6%
Annual growth 13.4%
Minifig number sh421
Masked Robber - Green Mask, Striped Shirt
Masked Robber
Value $4.00
Growth 97.0%
Annual growth 11.2%
Minifig number sh420
Spider-Man - Black Web Pattern, Red Torso Small Vest, Red Boots
Value $17.10
Growth 304.3%
Annual growth 25.0%
Minifig number sh405
Iron Man Mark 47 Armor
Value $35.00
Growth 55.6%
Annual growth 8.1%
Minifig number sh404
The Shocker
Value $5.92
Growth 230.7%
Annual growth 22.7%
Minifig number sh403
Vulture, Dark Green Flight Suit, Black Bomber Jacket
Value $7.80
Growth 160.0%
Annual growth 17.0%