The LEGO Star Wars MicroFighters subtheme, introduced in 2014, inlcudes 44 minifigs across 38 sets. On average, these minifigs have an annual growth rate of 6.9%.
Most valuable Star Wars MicroFighters minifig
Clone Trooper Captain Rex (sw1315) $87.93
Most owned Star Wars MicroFighters minifig
Chewbacca (sw0532)
Set with the most Star Wars MicroFighters minifigs
75228 Escape Pod vs. Dewback Microfighters 3 minifigs
The Microfighters subtheme includes minifigures such as Han Solo, Boba Fett, and Kylo Ren. These sets feature miniature versions of iconic Star Wars vehicles, allowing fans to recreate epic space battles on a smaller scale.
Minifig number sw1315
Clone Trooper Captain Rex from the 501st Legion (Phase 2) with a blue cloth pauldron, rangefinder, and printed white arms (75367)
Value $87.93
Growth  +854.7%
Minifig number sw1258
Din Djarin, also known as Mando, wearing silver beskar armor with a jetpack and a helmet with top lines
Value $4.75
Growth  +3.3%
Minifig number sw1245
Boba Fett in repainted beskar armor with jet pack
Value $3.57
Growth  +3.5%
Minifig number sw1166
Din Djarin, also known as Mando, in silver Beskar armor with a jet pack
Value $4.21
Growth  +8.2%
Annual growth 2.8%
Minifig number sw1143
Luke Skywalker wearing a balaclava headpiece, in his Hoth outfit
Value $2.84
Growth  +12.7%
Annual growth 3.6%
Minifig number sw1113
Value $2.69
Growth  +12.1%
Minifig number sw1104
AT-AT driver with a black Imperial logo
Value $4.18
Growth  +16.1%
Minifig number sw1074
Tusken Raider with head spikes and diagonal belt
Value $3.27
Growth  +8.6%
Annual growth 1.9%
Minifig number sw1073
T-16 Skyhopper Pilot wearing detailed belts
Value $4.21
Growth  +44.2%
Annual growth 8.4%
Minifig number sw1072
Value $21.75
Growth  +222.7%
Annual growth 21.8%
Minifig number sw1050
Value $4.99
Growth  +45.9%
Annual growth 8.3%
Minifig number sw1001
Anakin Skywalker with short legs wearing a reddish brown aviator cap
Value $4.85
Growth  +113.7%
Annual growth 9.2%
Minifig number sw0992
Sandtrooper squad leader/captain with an orange pauldron, ammo pouch, dirt stains, and a survival backpack
Value $24.87
Growth  +388.6%
Annual growth 19.8%
Minifig number sw0902
TIE Pilot from the First Order with three white lines on helmet
Value $5.40
Growth  +93.5%
Annual growth 6.7%
Minifig number sw0885
Kylo Ren without cape and helmet
Value $12.39
Growth  +331.7%
Annual growth 19.0%
Minifig number sw0884
Tallissan 'Tallie' Lintra is a Resistance Pilot A-wing
Value $15.05
Growth  +449.3%
Annual growth 20.6%
Minifig number sw0883
Resistance Speeder Pilot (Nodin Chavdri)
Value $10.46
Growth  +214.1%
Annual growth 16.3%
Minifig number sw0869
Value $10.64
Growth  +203.1%
Annual growth 12.5%
Minifig number sw0808
Darth Maul without a cape
Value $11.69
Growth  +246.9%
Annual growth 10.5%
Minifig number sw0802
Imperial Shuttle Pilot in light nougat
Value $6.03
Growth  +127.5%
Annual growth 8.5%
Minifig number sw0801
Rebel pilot wearing a dark blue jumpsuit with Y-wing markings
Value $13.05
Growth  +252.7%
Annual growth 15.7%
Minifig number sw0800
Value $12.80
Growth  +305.1%
Annual growth 16.2%
Minifig number sw0788
Fighter pilot of a TIE Striker with a black uniform and helmet
Value $4.88
Growth  +133.5%
Annual growth 7.0%
Minifig number sw0771
Han Solo with wavy hair wearing a vest with pockets and dark blue legs
Value $4.97
Growth  +30.4%
Minifig number sw0713
Value $6.18
Growth  +27.4%
Annual growth 2.9%
Minifig number sw0705
Resistance Pilot X-wing (Temmin Snap Wexley)
Value $5.00
Growth  +58.7%
Annual growth 5.7%
Minifig number sw0701
Value $4.93
Growth  +76.1%
Annual growth 6.9%
Minifig number sw0700
C-3PO - colorful wires, printed legs
Value $3.81
Growth  +90.5%
Annual growth 3.0%
Minifig number sw0624
Imperial combat driver in white uniform, AT-DP pilot
Value $9.88
Growth  +208.8%
Annual growth 11.4%
Minifig number sw0621
Tie Fighter Pilot from Rebels
Value $4.00
Growth  +77.8%
Annual growth 6.2%
Minifig number sw0609
Clone pilot with printed legs
Value $27.91
Growth  +179.4%
Annual growth 12.0%
Minifig number sw0608
Clone pilot, Episode 3 with open helmet yellow and red markings
Value $15.93
Growth  +184.0%
Annual growth 10.5%
Minifig number sw0607
Snowspeeder pilot wearing a light bluish gray helmet
Value $7.20
Growth  +121.5%
Annual growth 8.7%
Minifig number sw0581
At-At driver with light nougat head
Value $5.26
Growth  +94.8%
Annual growth 6.9%
Minifig number sw0576
Value $31.37
Growth  +254.9%
Annual growth 12.5%
Minifig number sw0545
Imperial Crew, black jumpsuit, Cavalry Kepi
Value $8.06
Growth  +168.7%
Annual growth 10.0%
Minifig number sw0544
Theron Nett, Rebel pilot, X-wing
Value $10.26
Growth  +38.3%
Annual growth 3.2%
Minifig number sw0543
Tie Fighter Pilot featuring a light nougat head with face pattern
Value $4.83
Growth  +4.8%
Annual growth 1.7%
Minifig number sw0541
Clone Trooper with printed legs
Value $24.91
Growth  +149.3%
Annual growth 9.2%
Minifig number sw0539
Han Solo wearing a vest with pockets and dark blue legs
Value $5.79
Growth  +63.6%
Annual growth 4.9%
Minifig number sw0532
Chewbacca with dark tan fur
Value $2.93
Growth  +4.3%
Annual growth 1.5%
Minifig number sw0527a
R2-D2 with flat silver head, dark blue printing, lavender dots, small receptor
Value $2.50
Growth  +3.3%
Annual growth 0.6%
Minifig number sw0467
Dark Orange Battle Droid without back plate
Value $6.30
Growth  +223.1%
Annual growth 10.5%
Minifig number sw0360
Battle Droid Pilot with blue torso with tan insignia and one straight arm
Value $3.00
Growth  +7.9%
Annual growth 0.8%