Minifig number sw1166
The Mandalorian (Din Djarin \ Mando) - Silver Beskar Armor, Jet Pack
The Mandalorian
Value $4.86
Minifig number sw1143
Luke Skywalker (Hoth, Balaclava Head)
Luke Skywalker (Hoth
Value $3.95
Minifig number sw1104
AT-AT Driver - Black Imperial Logo
AT-AT Driver
Value $3.91
Minifig number sw1074
Tusken Raider - Head Spikes, Diagonal Belt
Tusken Raider
Value $2.49
Minifig number sw1073
T-16 Skyhopper Pilot - Detailed Belts
T-16 Skyhopper Pilot
Value $3.56
Growth 21.9%
Annual growth 7.5%
Minifig number sw1072
Supreme Leader Kylo Ren
Value $11.40
Growth 69.1%
Annual growth 15.6%
Minifig number sw1050
Zorii Bliss
Value $4.59
Growth 3.8%
Annual growth 1.3%
Minifig number sw1001
Anakin Skywalker
Value $3.41
Growth 50.2%
Annual growth 11.6%
Minifig number sw0992
Sandtrooper Squad Leader/Captain - Orange Pauldron, Ammo Pouch, Dirt Stains, Survival Backpack
Sandtrooper Squad Leader/Captain
Value $17.49
Growth 243.6%
Annual growth 26.7%
Minifig number sw0902
First Order TIE Pilot, Three White Lines on Helmet
First Order TIE Pilot
Value $4.25
Growth 52.3%
Annual growth 9.3%
Minifig number sw0885
Kylo Ren without Cape
Kylo Ren
Value $8.00
Growth 178.7%
Annual growth 18.0%
Minifig number sw0884
Resistance Pilot A-wing
Tallissan 'Tallie' Lintra
Value $15.59
Growth 469.0%
Annual growth 31.4%
Minifig number sw0883
Resistance Speeder Pilot
Nodin Chavdri
Value $7.39
Growth 121.9%
Annual growth 14.4%
Minifig number sw0869
First Order Walker Driver
Value $8.17
Growth 132.8%
Annual growth 11.6%
Minifig number sw0808
Darth Maul, without Cape
Darth Maul
Value $13.01
Growth 286.1%
Annual growth 20.1%
Minifig number sw0802
Imperial Shuttle Pilot - Light Nougat
Imperial Shuttle Pilot
Value $4.80
Growth 81.1%
Annual growth 5.8%
Minifig number sw0801
Rebel Pilot Y-wing
Value $9.23
Growth 149.5%
Annual growth 17.6%
Minifig number sw0800
Rebel Pilot U-wing
Value $10.00
Growth 216.5%
Annual growth 18.0%
Minifig number sw0788
TIE Striker / Fighter Pilot
TIE Striker Fighter Pilot
Value $4.16
Growth 99.0%
Annual growth 12.2%
Minifig number sw0771
Han Solo, Dark Blue Legs, Vest with Pockets, Wavy Hair
Han Solo
Value $4.10
Minifig number sw0713
Value $6.01
Growth 255.6%
Annual growth 15.3%
Minifig number sw0705
Resistance Pilot X-wing
Value $4.80
Growth 52.4%
Annual growth 6.6%
Minifig number sw0701
First Order Snowtrooper
Value $4.19
Growth 49.6%
Annual growth 6.2%
Minifig number sw0700
C-3PO - Colorful Wires, Printed Legs
Value $3.43
Growth 71.5%
Annual growth 1.9%
Minifig number sw0624
AT-DP Pilot
Value $9.05
Growth 182.8%
Annual growth 15.3%
Minifig number sw0621
Tie Fighter Pilot
Value $3.68
Growth 63.6%
Annual growth 6.6%
Minifig number sw0609
Clone Pilot, Printed Legs
Clone Pilot
Value $25.00
Growth 150.3%
Annual growth 9.2%
Minifig number sw0608
Clone Pilot, Episode 3 with Open Helmet Yellow and Red Markings
Clone Pilot
Value $11.97
Growth 113.4%
Annual growth 11.9%
Minifig number sw0607
Snowspeeder Pilot - Light Bluish Gray Helmet
Snowspeeder Pilot
Value $5.97
Growth 83.7%
Annual growth 8.2%
Minifig number sw0581
AT-AT Driver - Light Nougat Head
AT-AT Driver
Value $5.33
Growth 97.4%
Annual growth 8.7%
Minifig number sw0576
Hera Syndulla
Value $32.22
Growth 264.5%
Annual growth 19.0%
Minifig number sw0545
Imperial Crew, Black Jumpsuit, Cavalry Kepi
Imperial Crew
Value $6.28
Growth 109.3%
Annual growth 9.0%
Minifig number sw0544
Rebel Pilot X-wing
Value $10.76
Growth 45.0%
Annual growth 4.4%
Minifig number sw0543
Tie Fighter Pilot - Light Nougat Head with Face Pattern
Tie Fighter Pilot
Value $5.19
Growth 248.3%
Annual growth 6.9%
Minifig number sw0541
Clone Trooper, Printed Legs
Clone Trooper
Value $28.52
Growth 185.5%
Annual growth 10.6%
Minifig number sw0539
Han Solo, Dark Blue Legs, Vest with Pockets
Han Solo
Value $6.69
Growth 89.0%
Annual growth 7.7%
Minifig number sw0532
Value $3.45
Growth 22.8%
Annual growth 1.0%
Minifig number sw0527a
R2-D2 with Flat Silver Head, Dark Blue Printing, Lavender Dots, Small Receptor
Value $2.60
Growth 73.3%
Annual growth 1.5%
Minifig number sw0467
Battle Droid Dark Orange without Back Plate
Battle Droid Dark Orange
Value $5.54
Growth 184.1%
Annual growth 12.6%
Minifig number sw0360
Battle Droid Pilot with Blue Torso with Tan Insignia and One Straight Arm
Battle Droid Pilot
Value $2.53
Growth 100.8%
Annual growth 6.5%