Minifig number sw1288
Yoda - Olive Green, Open Robe with Small Creases
Value $10.96
Growth 26.4%
Minifig number sw1287
Bo-Katan Kryze - printed arms, dark orange hair
Value $29.12
Growth 34.6%
Minifig number sw1286
Rebel crew - female
Value $12.58
Growth 56.3%
Minifig number sw1285
Rebel Fleet Trooper - vest with pockets, black neck
Value $9.24
Growth 14.8%
Minifig number sw1284
Han Solo - Celebration, wavy hair
Value $17.72
Growth 31.8%
Minifig number sw1283
Luke Skywalker - Celebration, bright light yellow jacket
Value $20.08
Growth 41.5%
Minifig number sw1282
Princess Leia - Celebration outfit, skirt
Value $17.91
Growth 43.6%
Minifig number sw1281
Rebel Pilot Garven Dreis (Red Leader)
Value $17.92
Growth 26.0%
Minifig number sw1280
Astromech Droid R2-BHD - light bluish gray body
Value $12.31
Growth 22.4%
Minifig number sw1279
Rebel Pilot Y-wing (Jon Dutch Vander, Gold Leader) - printed legs
Value $18.44
Growth 39.9%
Minifig number sw1278
Clone Trooper, 501st Legion, 332nd Company (Phase 2) - helmet with holes and togruta markings
Value $4.23
Growth 6.3%
Minifig number sw1277
Clone Captain Vaughn, 501st Legion, 332nd Company (Phase 2) - helmet with holes and togruta markings, orange visor
Value $4.31
Growth 9.4%
Minifig number sw1276
Clone Trooper, 501st Legion, 332nd Company (Phase 2) - Helmet with Holes and Togruta Markings, Blue Jetpack
Value $4.04
Growth 8.0%
Minifig number sw1275
Imperial Stormtrooper - Female, Dual Molded Helmet with Gray Squares on Back, Shoulder Belts, Nougat Head, Frown
Value $7.93
Growth 35.8%
Minifig number sw1274
Boba Fett - helmet, jet pack, printed arms and legs, rangefinder
Value $11.51
Growth 15.4%
Minifig number sw1273
Darth Vader - printed arms, traditional starched fabric cape, white head with frown
Value $10.98
Growth 22.5%
Minifig number sw1272
Yoda - Olive Green, Belt, Light Nougat Feet
Value $35.09
Growth 36.2%
Minifig number sw1270
Master Yoda
Value $11.17
Minifig number sw1269
Value $11.36
Minifig number sw1268
Value $10.67
Minifig number sw1267
Luke Skywalker - Pilot Suit, Printed Arms, Black Boots
Value $23.90
Growth 54.8%
Minifig number sw1266
Luke Skywalker - Dark Tan Endor Outfit
Value $14.94
Growth 22.0%
Minifig number sw1265
Imperial Scout Trooper - male, dual molded helmet, light nougat head, dark brown eyebrows, frown
Value $5.59
Growth 27.6%
Minifig number sw1264
Princess Leia - olive green Endor outfit
Value $14.34
Growth 41.1%
Minifig number sw1263
Emperor Palpatine - spongy cape, hood basic, yellow eyes
Value $20.81
Growth 4.4%
Minifig number sw1262
Luke Skywalker - Jedi Master, Shaggy Hair
Value $19.08
Growth 11.8%
Minifig number sw1261
Astromech Droid, R2-E6
Value $12.50
Growth 71.7%
Minifig number sw1260
Imperial TIE Fighter / Interceptor Pilot - female, nougat head (75348)
Value $8.49
Growth 4.4%
Minifig number sw1259
Value $15.12
Growth 44.0%
Minifig number sw1258
The Mandalorian / Din Djarin / Mando - silver beskar armor, jet pack, helmet with top lines (75348)
Value $10.48
Minifig number sw1257
Value $8.51
Growth 32.3%
Minifig number sw1256
Value $8.38
Growth 15.1%
Minifig number sw1255
Obi-Wan Kenobi - reddish brown robe and hood
Value $6.86
Growth 38.6%
Minifig number sw1252
Gonk Droid (GNK Power Droid), light bluish gray body and feet, imperial logo
Value $3.37
Minifig number sw1251
Imperial TIE bomber pilot - light nougat head
Value $5.59
Growth 12.7%
Minifig number sw1250
Value $9.72
Minifig number sw1249
Darth Vader - printed arms, spongy cape, white head with frown
Value $9.81
Minifig number sw1248
Clone Trooper Specialist, 501st Legion (Phase 2) - Blue Arms, Macrobinoculars, Nougat Head, Helmet with Holes
Value $3.57
Growth 1.4%
Minifig number sw1247
Clone Heavy Trooper, 501st Legion (Phase 2) - White Arms, Blue Visor, Backpack, Nougat Head, Helmet with Holes
Value $3.35
Minifig number sw1246
Clone Trooper Officer, 501st Legion (Phase 2) - White Arms, Blue Rangefinder, Nougat Head, Helmet with Holes
Value $3.36
Minifig number sw1245
Boba Fett - repainted beskar armor, jet pack
Value $4.91
Minifig number sw1244
Kuiil - Backpack
Value $62.73
Growth 0.1%
Minifig number sw1243
Value $39.92
Growth 17.4%
Minifig number sw1242
The Mandalorian \ Din Djarin \ Mando - brown durasteel armor, printed arms
Value $51.76
Growth 23.3%
Minifig number sw1241
R2-D2 - Holiday Sweater
Value $4.93
Minifig number sw1239
Darth Vader - summer outfit
Value $6.03
Minifig number sw1238
C-3PO - holiday sweater
Value $4.96
Growth 1.0%
Annual growth 1.0%
Minifig number sw1237
Reva Third Sister Inquisitor
Value $11.28
Growth 76.5%
Minifig number sw1236
Clone Trooper Gunner, 212th Attack Battalion (Phase 2)
Value $11.32
Minifig number sw1235
Clone Trooper, 212th Attack Battalion (Phase 2) - white arms
Value $8.40