The LEGO Star Wars The Clone Wars subtheme, introduced in 2008, inlcudes 151 minifigs across 83 sets. On average, these minifigs have an annual growth rate of 7.2%.
Most valuable Star Wars The Clone Wars minifig
Clone Trooper Commander Fox (sw0202b) $823.41
Highest growth The Clone Wars minifig
Commander Fox (sw0202) +4658.00%
Most owned Star Wars The Clone Wars minifig
Battle Droid (sw0001c)
Set with the most Star Wars The Clone Wars minifigs
75372 Clone Trooper & Battle Droid Battle Pack 9 minifigs
The Clone Wars subtheme includes minifigures such as Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex, and General Grievous. The storyline covers the epic battles between the Republic and the Separatists, focusing on the complex relationships and character developments during the Clone Wars era.
Minifig number sw1321
Super Battle Droid with a narrow head, pearl dark gray color, and light indent on the chest
Value $1.26
Growth  +17.8%
Minifig number sw1320
Tan-colored Battle Droid with a light bluish gray clip on its back
Value $1.11
Minifig number sw1319
Phase 2 Clone Trooper with a nougat head
Value $3.37
Growth  +17.4%
Minifig number sw1306
Chancellor Palpatine wearing a skirt
Value $20.46
Growth  +132.0%
Minifig number sw1305
A Clone Shock Trooper Coruscant Guard (Phase 2) with a nougat head
Value $4.59
Growth  +10.9%
Minifig number sw1304
Commander Fox minifigure from Coruscant Guard (Phase 2) with a dark bluish gray visor and printed legs
Value $28.37
Growth  +160.5%
Minifig number sw1303
Senator Padme Amidala with nougat lips
Value $15.35
Growth  +80.6%
Minifig number sw1288
Yoda with olive green skin, wearing an open robe with small creases
Value $7.81
Growth  +48.8%
Minifig number sw1278
Clone Trooper from 501st Legion in 332nd Company (Phase 2) with helmet featuring holes and togruta markings
Value $3.04
Growth  +1.7%
Minifig number sw1277
Clone Captain Vaughn from the 501st Legion's 332nd Company (Phase 2) with a helmet featuring holes, Togruta markings, and an orange visor
Value $2.91
Growth  +9.4%
Minifig number sw1276
Clone Trooper from the 501st Legion of the 332nd Company with a helmet featuring holes and togruta markings, and a blue jetpack
Value $3.00
Growth  +7.5%
Minifig number sw1248
Clone Trooper Specialist in 501st Legion colors with blue arms, nougat head, helmet with holes, and macrobinoculars
Value $2.87
Growth  +13.9%
Minifig number sw1247
Clone Heavy Trooper from the 501st Legion (Phase 2) with white arms, a blue visor, a backpack, nougat head, and a helmet with holes
Value $2.71
Growth  +15.3%
Minifig number sw1246
Clone Trooper Officer from the 501st Legion (Phase 2) with white arms, blue rangefinder, nougat head, and helmet with holes
Value $2.79
Growth  +10.7%
Minifig number sw1207
187th Legion Phase 2 Clone Trooper with a nougat head
Value $10.73
Growth  +9.5%
Annual growth 4.2%
Minifig number sw1206
Clone Trooper Commander from the 187th Legion (Phase 2) with a nougat head
Value $9.27
Growth  +122.3%
Annual growth 32.4%
Minifig number sw1205
Mace Windu with dark tan legs, open mouth, and printed arms
Value $4.50
Growth  +18.7%
Annual growth 8.1%
Minifig number sw1202
Astromech droid R2-D2 with a flat silver head, dark pink dots, large receptor, and back printing
Value $3.50
Growth  +2.0%
Minifig number sw1164
Value $9.00
Growth  +80.0%
Annual growth 19.7%
Minifig number sw1163
Value $7.78
Growth  +26.7%
Annual growth 8.4%
Minifig number sw1162
Value $35.00
Growth  +152.3%
Annual growth 25.9%
Minifig number sw1155
Darth Maul with printed legs featuring silver armor
Value $5.56
Growth  +31.1%
Annual growth 9.7%
Minifig number sw1097
Value $12.78
Growth  +135.4%
Annual growth 10.6%
Minifig number sw1096
Value $7.26
Growth  +83.8%
Annual growth 16.7%
Minifig number sw1094
501st Legion Clone Trooper with detailed pattern
Value $5.96
Growth  +4.7%
Annual growth 1.2%
Minifig number sw1093
Value $6.00
Growth  +94.8%
Annual growth 11.5%
Minifig number sw0996
Value $2.84
Growth  +6.0%
Annual growth 1.1%
Minifig number sw0964
Dwarf Spider Droid with a reddish-brown dome
Value $19.99
Growth  +186.0%
Annual growth 6.6%
Minifig number sw0939
Anakin Skywalker with black legs and a headset
Value $22.97
Growth  +426.8%
Annual growth 21.9%
Minifig number sw0889
Mace Windu with dark tan legs
Value $14.29
Growth  +175.3%
Annual growth 8.3%
Minifig number sw0707
Yoda in olive green
Value $11.43
Growth  +178.8%
Annual growth 11.7%
Minifig number sw0615
Asajj Ventress with a white torso
Value $40.83
Growth  +392.5%
Annual growth 15.9%
Minifig number sw0542
Anakin Skywalker with dark brown legs
Value $31.20
Growth  +364.3%
Annual growth 14.6%
Minifig number sw0538
Value $45.94
Growth  +327.3%
Annual growth 14.3%
Minifig number sw0537
Wolfpack Clone Trooper with dark bluish gray arms
Value $72.51
Growth  +1350.2%
Annual growth 20.0%
Minifig number sw0534
Value $10.72
Growth  +92.5%
Annual growth 6.5%
Minifig number sw0531
Value $74.96
Growth  +1399.2%
Annual growth 17.2%
Minifig number sw0527a
R2-D2 with flat silver head, dark blue printing, lavender dots, small receptor
Value $2.50
Growth  +3.3%
Annual growth 0.6%
Minifig number sw0524
Value $30.00
Growth  +105.1%
Annual growth 7.2%
Minifig number sw0515
General Grievous - bent legs, white armor
Value $32.14
Growth  +444.7%
Annual growth 15.6%
Minifig number sw0498
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Value $11.14
Growth  +119.7%
Annual growth 7.5%
Minifig number sw0497
Cad Bane with reddish brown hands and legs
Value $26.64
Growth  +384.4%
Annual growth 14.3%
Minifig number sw0496
Value $12.08
Growth  +119.6%
Annual growth 7.5%
Minifig number sw0495
Mandalorian Super Commando with a head featuring a high brow pattern
Value $29.99
Growth  +246.7%
Annual growth 12.0%
Minifig number sw0494
Value $27.62
Growth  +145.5%
Annual growth 8.6%
Minifig number sw0493
Darth Maul with mechanical legs
Value $32.40
Growth  +91.9%
Annual growth 6.1%
Minifig number sw0488
Padawan Anakin Skywalker with combed hair
Value $47.71
Growth  +393.4%
Annual growth 12.1%
Minifig number sw0454
Value $12.29
Growth  +172.5%
Annual growth 9.1%
Minifig number sw0453
Value $25.99
Growth  +246.5%
Annual growth 8.3%
Minifig number sw0452
Value $56.72
Growth  +467.2%
Annual growth 7.2%