Duplo figure number 47394pb153
Duplo Figure Lego Ville, Female Tightrope Walker, Dark Pink Legs and Top with Gold Bow and Stars, Black Ponytail Hair, Brown Eyes
Female Tightrope Walker
Value $2.79
Growth 59.4%
Annual growth 4.7%
Duplo figure number 47394pb152
Duplo Figure Lego Ville, Male Circus Ringmaster, Black Legs, Red Top with Gold Braid, Top Hat, Brown Eyes
Male Circus Ringmaster
Value $3.37
Growth 12.7%
Annual growth 1.2%
Duplo figure number 47394pb151
Duplo Figure Lego Ville, Male Clown, Medium Blue Legs, Striped Jacket, Bow Tie, Green Hair
Male Clown
Value $3.48
Growth 16.4%
Annual growth 1.5%