Duplo figure number 85363pb002
Duplo Figure Lego Ville, Baby, Blue and Medium Blue Romper with Stripes and Yellow Duck Pattern
Value $4.46
Duplo figure number 47394pb132
Duplo Figure Lego Ville, Female, Red Swimsuit with Yellow Bow, Black Hair
Female Swimmer
Value $2.67
Duplo figure number 47394pb131
Duplo Figure Lego Ville, Male, Blue Swim Trunks, White Top with Green '51', Reddish Brown Hair
Male Swimmer
Value $3.07
Growth 13.7%
Annual growth 1.0%
Duplo figure number 47394pb127
Duplo Figure Lego Ville, Male, Medium Blue Legs, Bright Green Top with White Undershirt, Blue Cap
Value $2.49
Growth 54.7%
Annual growth 3.5%
Duplo figure number 47205pb002
Duplo Figure Lego Ville, Child Boy, Blue Legs, White Top with Blue Overalls, Worms in Pocket, Lime Cap
Child Boy
Value $1.89
Growth 81.7%
Annual growth 2.0%