The LEGO Duplo Disney 100 subtheme, introduced in 2023, inlcudes 4 duplo figures across 1 set.
Most valuable Duplo Disney 100 duplo figure
Mickey Mouse (47394pb342) $8.19
Set with the most Duplo Disney 100 duplo figures
10998 3in1 Magical Castle 4 duplo figures
The LEGO DUPLO theme, introduced in 1969 and continuing to the present, features minifigures designed for younger children, with larger and safer pieces to accommodate smaller hands. Key minifigures include a variety of everyday characters such as family members, animals, and community helpers like doctors, police officers, and firefighters. These figures are characterized by their simple, chunky designs and bright, cheerful colors. DUPLO sets often focus on early learning and imaginative play, with scenarios ranging from farm life and town scenes to popular licensed themes like Disney and Pixar.
Duplo figure number 47394pb345
Daisy Duck Duplo figure wearing a lavender shirt and bow, adorned with silver sparkles and dots
Value $5.28
Growth  +16.0%
Duplo figure number 47394pb344
LEGO Ville Duplo figure of Donald Duck with dark azure legs and hat, white shirt and metallic light blue bow
Value $6.75
Growth  +43.3%
Duplo figure number 47394pb343
Lego Ville Duplo figure Minnie Mouse with black legs and sleeves, white top, silver collar, sparkles, dots, and bow
Value $7.66
Growth  +58.6%
Duplo figure number 47394pb342
Lego Ville Duplo figure of Mickey Mouse wearing a white jacket, silver shirt, black bow tie, and red legs
Value $8.19
Growth  +69.6%