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This chart represents the current new/sealed value of the set LEGO Fire Engine since November 2023. Medium accuracy
4000040 LEGO Fire Engine is a Exclusive LEGO Inside Tour set from 2023. The set is s a brick-built replica of a 1940s wooden fire truck and designed by LEGO Design Master Henrik Andersen. The original toy is on display in the LEGO Group’s internal museum in Billund, which inspired LEGO House Senior Experience Designer Stuart Harris to suggest recreating it for an Inside Tour set. The 2023 LEGO Inside Tour set was limited to just 60 copies per tour and each are individually numbered.

The set's model feature a turntable ladder that can be rotated at a certain angle. You can also extend the ladder with a crank. There are four printed pieces included, including two bricks with the old LEGO logo from 1940 and two printed 4×6 slopes for the fire engine grille. These parts are all exclusive to the LEGO Fire Engine.

This set had a total of 300 copies, divided into five Inside Tours, each with 60 hand-numbered editions. Every Inside Tour has a unique box sleeve featuring the group photo from the first day, explaining the 'out of 60' label on the box. Of these, 35 copies are given to tour attendees, and the remaining are distributed among LEGO employees responsible for organizing the event. This year marks the first time there are five Inside Tours; previously, there were four tours each year, with 80 numbered sleeves created for each tour.

It was retired in November 2023 with a lifespan of 8 months. The current value for a new and sealed LEGO Fire Engine is estimated around $6,093 today with current average yearly gain of about 15.2% but will level off in the next year closer to a 7.6% annual growth making it a solid investment.

For Sale (New/Sealed)

(UK) Signed by Stuart Harris, comes with Inside Tour black bag. Mint condition.
(US) Signed by Stuart Harris, Number 11, comes with numbered tile and Inside Tour black ba...
(US) Best Offers welcome.From Lego Inside Tour 2023 Group 2 #24/60. Only 35 of these were ...
(US) NEW LEGO Fire Engine Inside Tour Exclusive 2023 Autograph by Stuart Harris Rare
BrickEconomy Choice
(NL) inside tour 2023 set 4000040 fire engine
(NL) 2 sets available, numbers 3 and 20 from 60 signed by the designer Stuart HarrisDelive...

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Since the very first wooden LEGO ire engine was introduced in the 1930s, fire engines have been a steady presence in the LEGO product assortment, Bringing hours of fun and play to children of all ages. In this year's exclusive LEGO Inside Tour set, we pay homage to nine decades of LEGO fire engines.
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