Set Value (New/Sealed)

This chart represents the current new/sealed value of the set Cars since June 2010. Medium accuracy
4000000 "Cars" was an exclusive set was given to attendees of the LEGO Inside Tour in 2010. Only 33 sets were given away making it a very rare set. In fact, we have seen the same set change hands multiple times on the secondary market (the sets are numbers 1-33 making it easier to track) but making the number generally available even lower than shown, also making it very hard to have an accurate estimated value. We think the estimated value is even much higher and will only be set by the next available set that hits the market, if another one ever does.

The current value for a new and sealed Cars is estimated around $7,885 today with current average yearly gain of about 31% but will level off in the next year closer to a 9% annual growth.
Cars is a pretty rare set these days as we have not seen set 4000000-1 currently for sale online or in retail in new and good condition in over one year. The current value of this set might be slightly higher then what we have estimated at this time. The last brand new Cars seen was sold on

Sets in Exclusive / LEGO Inside Tour Exclusive

Year 2007
Pieces / Minifigs 1,248 / 3
Availability Retired
Market Street Inside Tour Edition
Value $3,725.80
Annual growth 36.4%
Year 2017
Pieces / Minifigs 981 / 6
Availability Retired
4000024 LEGO House Tree of Creativity
Value $3,000.00
Annual growth 34.2%
Year 2019
Pieces / Minifigs 947 / 10
Availability Retired
4000034 LEGO System House
Value $1,435.59
Annual growth 36.2%
Year 2016
Pieces / Minifigs 816 / 8
Availability Retired
4000022 LEGO Truck Show
Value $2,706.80
Annual growth 33.3%
Year 2011
Pieces 795
Availability Retired
4000001 Moulding Machines
Value $6,733.33
Annual growth 36.3%
Year 2012
Pieces 795
Availability Retired
4000012 Piper Airplane
Value $5,379.64
Annual growth 35.4%
Year 2015
Pieces 714
Availability Retired
4000020 H.C. Andersen's Clumsy Hans
Value $2,399.99
Annual growth 31.2%
Year 2014
Pieces / Minifigs 548 / 7
Availability Retired
4000014 The LEGOLAND Train
Value $3,563.06
Annual growth 35.4%
Year 2018
Pieces 450
Availability Retired
4000025 LEGO Ferguson Tractor
Value $2,600.22
Annual growth 35.2%
Year 2013
Minifigs 3
Availability Retired
4000008 Villy Thomsen Truck
Value $3,500.00
Annual growth 30.4%
Year 2022
Availability Retired
4000037 LEGO Factory AGV
Value $3,500.09
Annual growth 2.3%
Year 2005
Availability Retired
LECA Automobile
Value $5,672.47
Annual growth 28.4%
Year 2009
Availability Retired
Ole Kirk's House
Value $8,895.41
Annual growth 34.3%