The LEGO Duplo Jurassic World theme is a subset of the LEGO Duplo line that features elements from the "Jurassic World" movies. These sets, tailored for younger children, consist of larger, easy-to-assemble pieces representing dinosaurs, characters, and settings from the film series. The theme provides a simplified introduction to the world of "Jurassic World," enabling young builders to engage in play centered around dinosaurs and related adventures using suitable LEGO pieces.
Theme / Subtheme Duplo / Jurassic World
Year 2022
Pieces / Duplo figures 27 / 1
Availability Retail
10938 LEGO Duplo Jurassic World Dinosaur Nursery
Retail $19.99
Available at retail
Theme / Subtheme Duplo / Jurassic World
Year 2021
Pieces / Duplo figures 36 / 1
Availability Retired
10939 LEGO Duplo Jurassic World T. rex and Triceratops Dinosaur Breakout
Retail $29.99
Value $37.31
Growth  +24.4%
Annual growth 9.2%