Minifig number njo446
Baby - White Body with Yellow Hands, Head with Neck
Value $2.72
Growth 8.4%
Annual growth 22.7%
Minifig number cty1272
Construction Worker - Female, Chest Pocket Zippers, Belt over Dark Gray Hoodie, Blue Legs, Red Helmet with Dark Brown Hair
Construction Worker
Value $2.27
Minifig number cty1271
Boy - Dark Azure Hoodie with Green Striped Shirt, Dark Blue Short Legs, Dark Orange Hair, Freckles, Small Open Smile with Tongue
Boy - Dark Azure Hoodie
Value $2.43
Minifig number cty1270
Man - Dark Blue Plaid Button Shirt, Dark Tan Legs, Light Bluish Gray Hair
Man - Dark Blue Plaid Button Shirt
Value $2.33
Minifig number cty1269
Woman - Red and White Race Jacket, Red Legs, White Cap with Bright Light Yellow Hair
Value $4.43
Minifig number cty1268
Baker - Male, Reddish Brown Apron with Cup and Name Tag, White Cook's Hat
Value $2.70
Minifig number cty1267
Car Driver - Male, Lime Hoodie, Light Bluish Gray Legs, Medium Nougat Hair
Car Driver
Value $2.09
Minifig number cty1248
Madison - White Robe with Dark Blue and Dark Orange Bogu Armor
Value $1.67
Minifig number cty1247
Chef - White Torso with 8 Buttons, No Wrinkles Front or Back, Green Legs, White Cook's Hat
Value $1.61
Growth 5.2%
Minifig number cty1246
Man - Red Flannel Shirt, Reddish Brown Legs, Dark Brown Hair, Sunglasses
Value $1.79
Growth 11.9%
Minifig number cty1245
Woman - Bright Light Blue Hoodie over Dark Purple Star Shirt, Sand Blue Legs, Reddish Brown Hair, Baby Carrier
Value $1.73
Minifig number cty1244
Shirley Keeper
Value $1.40
Minifig number cty1243
Police - City Officer Bright Light Blue Shirt with Silver Stripe, Badge and Radio, Dark Blue Legs, Dark Blue Dirt Bike Helmet, Orange Glasses
Police Officer
Value $1.36
Minifig number cty1242
Police - Jail Prisoner 86753 Prison Stripes, Dark Tan Legs, Dark Bluish Gray Knit Cap
Prisoner 86753
Value $1.29
Minifig number cty1241
Kendo Instructor - White Robe with Dark Blue and Dark Orange Bogu Armor, Light Bluish Gray Hair
Kendo Instructor
Value $1.50
Minifig number cty1240
Fire - Female, Black Jacket and Legs with Reflective Stripes and Dark Red Collar, White Helmet, Trans-Black Visor
Firefighter Female
Value $1.33
Minifig number cty1239
Lego Store Employee, Black Legs, Dark Orange Tousled Hair, Lopsided Grin
Lego Store Employee
Value $2.35
Minifig number cty1235
Girl - Bright Light Orange Jacket, Blue Medium Short Legs, Reddish Brown Hair with Braids, Red Beanie
Value $1.71
Minifig number cty1234
Mom - Medium Lavender Jacket, Dark Blue Legs, Black Hair
Value $1.53
Minifig number cty1233
Boy - Green Ninjago Hoodie, Black Short Legs, Reddish Brown Hair
Value $1.67
Minifig number cty1232
Dad - Light Bluish Gray Hoodie with Dark Red Shirt, Dark Tan Legs, Dark Blue Cap
Value $1.52
Minifig number cty1231
Wheelchair Athlete - Male, White Jacket with 'XTREME' Logo, Olive Green Legs, Bright Green Dirt Bike Helmet
Wheelchair Athlete
Value $1.80
Minifig number cty1230
Skater - Girl, Dark Turquoise Jacket, Dark Pink Short Legs, Dark Purple Helmet, Bright Light Yellow Hair
Value $2.06
Minifig number cty1229
BMX Rider - Male, Red Jacket, Blue Medium Legs, Dark Blue Dirt Bike Helmet
BMX Rider
Value $1.71
Minifig number cty1228
Female - Jacket with 'ViTA RUSH' Logo, Dark Azure Legs, Dark Orange Hair
Value $1.73
Minifig number cty1119
Gas Station Worker - Light Blue Shirt with 'Octan' Logo, Dark Blue Legs and Cap
Gas Station Worker
Value $2.28
Minifig number cty1118
Tourist / Surfer - Dark Azure Hawaiian Shirt
Value $2.48
Minifig number cty1117
Tourist / Surfer - Female, Lime Hoodie
Value $2.05
Minifig number cty1116
Female, Bright Pink Top, Medium Azure Legs
Value $2.71
Growth 32.8%
Annual growth 10.8%
Minifig number cty1104
Street Racer
Value $2.17
Growth 24.7%
Annual growth 8.0%
Minifig number cty1103
Tow Truck Driver, Red Bandana
Tow Truck Driver
Value $1.67
Growth 20.1%
Annual growth 6.5%
Minifig number cty1102
Welder / Mechanic, Female
Welder / Mechanic
Value $1.93
Growth 25.3%
Annual growth 8.2%
Minifig number cty1101
Automobile Purchaser
Value $1.90
Growth 57.0%
Annual growth 21.2%
Minifig number cty1100
Slick Salesman
Value $2.96
Growth 65.4%
Annual growth 9.7%
Minifig number cty1095
Harl Hubbs without Utility Belt
Harl Hubbs
Value $2.40
Growth 27.7%
Annual growth 8.7%
Minifig number cty1094
Tread Octane
Value $2.15
Minifig number cty1050
Truck Driver - Blue Jacket over Dark Red V-Neck Sweater, Olive Green Legs, White Construction Helmet
Truck Driver
Value $1.85
Growth 7.6%
Annual growth 2.3%
Minifig number cty1049
Barista - Female, Reddish Brown Apron with Cup and Name Tag, Medium Nougat Hair
Value $2.65
Growth 18.3%
Annual growth 5.2%
Minifig number cty1048
Barista - Male, Reddish Brown Apron with Cup and Name Tag, Black Hair
Value $2.47
Growth 30.7%
Annual growth 8.5%
Minifig number cty1047
Toy Store Owner - Bright Pink Female Top, Blue Legs
Toy Store Owner
Value $2.23
Growth 53.8%
Annual growth 12.8%
Minifig number cty1046
Boy, Classic Space Shirt with Minifigure Floating and Back Print, Blue Short Legs, Reddish Brown Hair
Value $1.96
Growth 22.5%
Annual growth 6.3%
Minifig number cty1045
Reporter - Black Legs, Reddish Brown Hair Swept Back into Bun
Value $2.14
Growth 34.6%
Annual growth 9.4%
Minifig number cty1044
Cameraman - Dark Blue Jacket, Sand Blue Legs
Value $2.55
Growth 14.9%
Annual growth 4.3%
Minifig number cty1043
Taxi Driver - Dark Red Bomber Jacket, Dark Blue Legs
Taxi Driver
Value $2.19
Growth 24.4%
Annual growth 6.8%
Minifig number cty1042
Police Officer - Duke DeTain
Duke DeTain
Value $1.52
Growth 0.7%
Minifig number cty1026
Ice Cream Vendor - Cap
Ice Cream Vendor
Value $1.93
Growth 31.3%
Annual growth 8.6%
Minifig number cty1025
Grandfather - Red Tracksuit, Light Bluish Gray Hair
Value $1.98
Growth 21.5%
Annual growth 6.0%
Minifig number cty1024
Grandmother - Dark Purple Tracksuit, White Hair, Glasses
Value $2.05
Growth 12.0%
Annual growth 3.6%
Minifig number cty1023
Boy, Freckles, White Shirt with Orange Pocket, Dark Azure Short Legs, Dark Orange Hair Tousled with Side Part
Value $1.77
Growth 18.0%
Annual growth 5.1%
Minifig number cty1022
Teenage Girl, Black Jacket and White Shirt with Black Stripes, Dark Blue Legs, Reddish Brown Hair Female Ponytail and Fringe
Teenage Girl
Value $2.23
Growth 35.2%
Annual growth 9.5%