Minifig number cty1592
Stuntz Crew - Male, Bright Light Orange Suit with Reflective Stripes, Dark Blue Cap, Sunglasses
Value $5.42
Growth 12.0%
Minifig number cty1591
Stuntz Driver - Female, Neon Yellow Jacket, White Legs, White Helmet with Black Visor
Value $6.01
Growth 24.2%
Minifig number cty1590
Stuntz Driver - Male, Bright Light Orange and Black Jacket, Black Legs, Orange Helmet with Flames and Black Visor
Value $5.76
Growth 19.0%
Minifig number cty1581
Stuntz Photographer - Male, Red Jacket over White Shirt, Light Bluish Gray Legs, Tan Hair, Glasses
Value $5.54
Growth 22.6%
Minifig number cty1580
Fearless Fi - Stuntz Announcer, Dark Turquoise Jacket over Dark Purple Shirt, Dark Bluish Gray Legs, Reddish Brown Hair with Bright Light Yellow Knit Ski Cap
Value $7.35
Growth 69.0%
Minifig number cty1579
Stuntz Driver - Female, Dark Purple and Dark Turquoise Race Suit with Light Aqua Arms, Dark Purple Air Tanks, Black Short Hair
Value $11.19
Minifig number cty1578
Rocket Racer - Stuntz Driver, Black Jumpsuit with Blue and Red Arms, Dark Brown Hair
Value $9.41
Growth 62.0%
Minifig number cty1577
Stuntz Driver - Female, Red Racing Jacket with Gold Scales, Pearl Gold Legs, Pearl Gold Shoulder Armor, Reddish Brown Ponytail
Value $5.66
Minifig number cty1576
Stuntz Driver - Male, Dark Azure Racing Shirt with Silver Wings Logo, Dark Blue Legs, Flat Silver Shoulder Armor, Bright Light Yellow Hair, Stubble
Value $5.57
Minifig number cty1575
Stuntz Driver - Male, Black Jumpsuit with Orange Trim and Dark Turquoise Arms, Bright Green Shoulder Pads, Dark Orange Hair
Value $5.75
Minifig number cty1531
Stuntz Driver - Tall Black Coiled Hair, Jumpsuit with Magenta and Dark Azure Sleeves, Dark Bluish Gray Legs
Value $4.48
Growth 6.7%
Minifig number cty1527
Stuntz Driver - Dark Azure Spiky Hair, Medium Azure and Neon Yellow Jumpsuit, Neck Bracket
Value $3.96
Growth 45.1%
Minifig number cty1501
Stuntz Skeleton - Black Pirate Triangle Hat
Value $2.35
Growth 10.8%
Minifig number cty1500
Stuntz Crew - Female, Medium Blue Shirt, Blue Apron, Dark Brown Hair
Value $1.43
Growth 5.1%
Minifig number cty1499
Chuck D. Goldberg - Stuntz Driver
Value $2.25
Growth 38.0%
Minifig number cty1498
Stuntz Spectator - Male, Dark Blue and Dark Azure Jacket, Dark Tan Legs, Reddish Brown Hair
Value $4.68
Growth 14.1%
Annual growth 11.0%
Minifig number cty1497
Stuntz Spectator - Child, Bright Light Blue Jacket, White Short Legs, Dark Orange Hair
Value $4.48
Growth 9.3%
Annual growth 8.0%
Minifig number cty1496
Stuntz Driver - Female, Medium Azure Jumpsuit, Red Helmet
Value $5.87
Growth 19.3%
Annual growth 16.9%
Minifig number cty1489
Poppy Starr - Stuntz Driver
Value $2.46
Growth 30.9%
Minifig number cty1488
Harl Hubbs - Stuntz Crew
Value $1.65
Growth 5.8%
Minifig number cty1487
Stuntz Driver, The Blade Stunt, Black Coiled Hair, Dark Purple Shoulder Armor and Legs
Value $2.31
Minifig number cty1486
Shirley Keeper - Neon Yellow Safety Vest
Value $1.74
Minifig number cty1485
Lone Wolf Biker - Stuntz Driver
Value $4.76
Growth 41.7%
Annual growth 26.0%
Minifig number cty1484
Scorpion Luchadora - Stuntz Driver
Value $3.12
Minifig number cty1476
Sudsy Simon Tub Racer - Stuntz Driver
Value $2.73
Minifig number cty1459
Stuntz Spectator - Child, Long Tan Hair, Bright Light Blue Jacket over Red Shirt, Blue Short Legs
Value $3.16
Growth 7.1%
Minifig number cty1458
Stuntz Crew, Female, Dark Blue Cap, Coral Shirt with Sports Logo, Dark Blue Legs
Value $3.92
Growth 10.4%
Minifig number cty1457
Stuntz Driver, Coral Hair, Yellowish Green Mask, Bright Light Yellow Fur Lined Black Jacket, Black Legs
Value $8.42
Growth 74.3%
Minifig number cty1456
Stuntz Driver, Orange Helmet with Tassels, Snake Visor, Orange Coat with Scales, Dark Turquoise Legs
Value $5.06
Growth 1.8%
Minifig number cty1455
Stuntz Crew, Male, Red Hard Hat with Earmuff, Neon Yellow Safety Vest, Dark Blue Legs
Value $3.13
Minifig number cty1454
Stuntz Spectator - Dark Brown Hair, Popsicle Shirt, Bright Green Legs
Value $3.96
Minifig number cty1453
Stuntz Spectator - Bright Light Yellow Mullet, Sand Blue Vest over Rose Shirt, Bright Light Blue Legs
Value $3.92
Minifig number cty1398
Stuntz Driver, Bright Light Orange Chicken Head Helmet, White Tank Top with EGGS-TREME!, Bright Light Orange Legs
Value $4.31
Growth 1.4%
Annual growth 0.6%
Minifig number cty1351
Stuntz Driver, Wheelie Stunt, Dark Red Dirtbike Helmet, Red Legs, Dark Turquoise and Orange Flames
Value $2.61
Minifig number cty1331
Stuntz Driver, Dark Brown Hair, Coral Race Suit, Dark Purple Legs
Value $2.14
Minifig number cty1330
Stuntz Driver, Black Hair, Sand Blue Denim Jacket, Black Legs
Value $3.81
Minifig number cty1329
Duke DeTain - Flat Silver Race Suit
Value $2.69
Growth 11.6%
Annual growth 5.2%
Minifig number cty1328
Stuntz Driver, Wheelie Stunt, Bright Green Dirtbike Helmet, Lime Legs, Shoulder Spikes
Value $2.87
Growth 7.9%
Annual growth 3.6%
Minifig number cty1327
Stuntz Driver, Selfie Stunt, Gold Crown Helmet, Purple Legs
Value $3.00
Minifig number cty1326
Stuntz Driver, Coral Cap, Dark Bluish Gray Legs, Medium Blue Arms
Value $2.30
Minifig number cty1325
Stuntz Announcer, Spiky Bright Light Yellow Hair, White Legs, Red Jacket over Lime Shirt
Value $2.78
Minifig number cty1324
Stuntz Driver, Reddish Brown Aviator Helmet, Dark Bluish Gray Legs, Red Arms
Value $2.11
Minifig number cty1323
Value $2.09
Minifig number cty1322
Female, Blue Jacket over Dark Red V-Neck Sweater, Dark Blue Legs, Medium Nougat Ponytail
Value $2.14
Minifig number cty1321
Female with Green Jacket, Dark Tan Legs, Short Black Coiled Hair
Value $2.24
Minifig number cty1320
Stuntz Driver, Black Helmet, Animal Mouth Shirt, Black Legs Legs
Value $2.53
Growth 26.5%
Annual growth 11.4%
Minifig number cty1319
Stuntz Driver RR, White Helmet, Blue and Red Arms, White Legs
Value $2.59
Growth 15.6%
Annual growth 6.9%
Minifig number cty1318
Stuntz Driver, Black Helmet, Body Armor, Dark Orange Legs
Value $2.81
Minifig number cty1316
Value $3.96
Minifig number cty1315
Stuntz Driver, Black Helmet, Shoulder Armor, Dark Turquoise Skull
Value $3.28
Growth 11.2%
Annual growth 5.0%