Minifig number min002
Micromob Steve
Value $2.88
Growth 80.0%
Annual growth 6.5%
Minifig number min001
Micromob Creeper
Value $2.52
Growth 50.9%
Annual growth 4.5%
Minifig number idea096
Jerry Seinfeld
Value $7.59
Growth 25.7%
Minifig number idea095
Elaine Marie Benes
Value $7.06
Growth 82.4%
Minifig number idea094
Cosmo Kramer
Value $7.60
Growth 40.2%
Minifig number idea093
Value $7.31
Growth 25.6%
Minifig number idea092
George Louis Costanza
Value $8.38
Growth 23.2%
Minifig number idea090
Eeyore with Bow
Value $10.62
Minifig number idea089
Value $9.70
Minifig number idea088
Value $9.12
Minifig number idea087
Value $11.66
Minifig number idea086
Winnie the Pooh
Value $10.89
Minifig number idea078
Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street
Oscar the Grouch
Value $4.28
Minifig number idea077
Cookie Monster from Sesame Street
Cookie Monster
Value $8.05
Minifig number idea076
Bert from Sesame Street
Value $5.88
Minifig number idea075
Ernie from Sesame Street
Value $7.03
Minifig number idea074
Elmo from Sesame Street
Value $6.97
Minifig number idea073
Big Bird from Sesame Street
Big Bird
Value $9.88
Minifig number idea062
Gunther from Friends
Value $1.74
Growth 4.2%
Minifig number idea061
Phoebe Buffay from Friends
Phoebe Buffay
Value $1.93
Minifig number idea060
Joey Tribbiani from Friends
Joey Tribbiani
Value $2.01
Minifig number idea059
Rachel Green from Friends
Rachel Green
Value $2.05
Minifig number idea058
Chandler Bing from Friends
Chandler Bing
Value $2.00
Minifig number idea057
Monica Geller from Friends
Monica Geller
Value $1.91
Minifig number idea056
Ross Geller from Friends
Ross Geller
Value $2.03
Minifig number idea050
Minnie Mouse - Grayscale from Steamboat Willie
Minnie Mouse
Value $10.71
Growth 70.0%
Annual growth 13.8%
Minifig number idea049
Mickey Mouse - Grayscale from Steamboat Willie
Mickey Mouse
Value $15.90
Growth 28.6%
Annual growth 7.4%
Minifig number idea048
Barney Rubble from The Flintstones
Barney Rubble
Value $5.23
Growth 41.0%
Annual growth 13.6%
Minifig number idea047
Betty Rubble from The Flintstones
Betty Rubble
Value $4.47
Growth 43.7%
Annual growth 14.5%
Minifig number idea046
Wilma Flintstone from The Flintstones
Wilma Flintstone
Value $5.00
Growth 47.9%
Annual growth 16.6%
Minifig number idea044
Fred Flintstone from The Flintstones
Fred Flintstone
Value $6.13
Growth 36.2%
Annual growth 12.9%
Minifig number idea040
Rinzler from TRON Legacy
Value $13.13
Growth 87.0%
Annual growth 19.0%
Minifig number idea039
Sam Flynn from TRON Legacy
Sam Flynn
Value $9.08
Growth 263.2%
Annual growth 29.4%
Minifig number idea038
Quorra from TRON Legacy
Value $7.95
Growth 213.0%
Annual growth 29.4%
Minifig number idea029
The Beatles - Jeremy Hillary Boob
Value $5.94
Growth 165.2%
Annual growth 21.7%
Minifig number idea028
The Beatles - Ringo Starr
Value $13.90
Growth 105.9%
Annual growth 15.5%
Minifig number idea027
The Beatles - George Harrison
Value $14.25
Growth 105.3%
Annual growth 15.5%
Minifig number idea026
The Beatles - Paul McCartney
Value $13.85
Growth 145.6%
Annual growth 19.6%
Minifig number idea025
The Beatles - John Lennon
Value $24.98
Growth 217.0%
Annual growth 25.9%
Minifig number idea024
Dalek from Doctor Who
Value $8.94
Growth 138.4%
Annual growth 15.8%
Minifig number idea023
Weeping Angel from Doctor Who
Weeping Angel
Value $11.73
Growth 14.1%
Annual growth 2.3%
Minifig number idea022
Clara Oswald from Doctor Who
Clara Oswald
Value $6.93
Growth 98.0%
Annual growth 12.2%
Minifig number idea021
The Twelfth Doctor with purple coat from Doctor Who
The Twelfth Doctor
Value $7.82
Growth 95.5%
Annual growth 12.0%
Minifig number idea020
The Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who
The Eleventh Doctor
Value $10.13
Growth 80.9%
Annual growth 10.5%
Minifig number idea019
Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory
Amy Farrah Fowler
Value $20.20
Growth 375.3%
Annual growth 28.3%
Minifig number idea018
Bernadette Rostenkowski from The Big Bang Theory
Bernadette Rostenkowski
Value $14.12
Growth 259.3%
Annual growth 22.7%
Minifig number idea017
Raj Koothrappali from The Big Bang Theory
Raj Koothrappali
Value $8.91
Growth 154.6%
Annual growth 16.1%
Minifig number idea016
Howard Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory
Howard Wolowitz
Value $7.11
Growth 148.6%
Annual growth 15.8%
Minifig number idea015
Penny from The Big Bang Theory
Value $15.45
Growth 286.3%
Annual growth 24.1%
Minifig number idea014
Leonard Hofstadter from The Big Bang Theory
Leonard Hofstadter
Value $14.32
Growth 258.0%
Annual growth 22.6%